Cats In Space #3,2014, 180x140 cm Silkscreen, dye, oil on fabric


Comrades of Time Comrades of Time Comrades of Time
Art Brussels VIP program / Apartment Claus, Brussels, B, 2014

Chris Succo
Rachel Koolen
Koen Delaere
Michaela Eichwald
Bas van den Hurk
Daniel Schubert

The exhibition's title is adopted from the eponymous text of Boris Groys from 2009. This is the third version of this show.

“Ours is a time in which we reconsider – not abandon, not reject, but analyse and reconsider – the modern projects”, in his text Boris Groys pleas for a reconsideration of modernity, not a rejection, not an embrace, but a reconsideration. Comrades of Time is about the renewed position of canonical arts - painting, drawing, sculpture - in a mediated and networked society.
A painting that used to be merely visible for a small group of people, can nowadays be on the net by one simple action and appear as a global image. What does this new relationship to images do to the position of art in society?

The exhibition explores a renewed confidence in the fundamental possibilities of art and artists using canonical forms and their relation to modernist principles – formalism, abstraction, repetition, expression, autonomy. For this exhibition Dutch artists and young talent are brought together with artists that are internationally leading. The exhibition is a combination of new and existing works, using openness and reflexivity.

The issue brought forward is how modernist ideas continue in our time. How can we reconsider the vanguard heritage? In what way can a particular reconsideration in canonical art-forms keep its social relevance? In a time dominated by networks and media, perhaps in a less rigid form than that of the historical Avant-garde?